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December 17 2015 By. This air cap set is also great for when using nitrocellulose lacquers water-based finishes varnish urethanes enamel latex for louver doors trims and cabinets and oil based paints.

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A 03mm to 035mm needle size is the most versatile and this is where you can start if.

Air paint sprayer tip size chart. As a general guide these are the recommended airless tip sizes. Different tip sizes will output more or less paint in a a variety of spray fan widths. The 18 mm is our high output air cap set.

You want to paint larger model surfaces more quickly and easily potentially giving you a better quality finish over large areas. Many paint manufacturers will specify recommended spray tip sizes on the container or product specification sheet. These tips cost less but are much harder to clean and spray a.

How to Select the Right Tip for Your Paint Gun Posted. Squeezing air the longer the spray fan becomes. 013 015 Latex Paint.

Our standard air cap set is the 13mm which is ideal for most fine finishing products. The size of the airless spray tip you need depends on the type of paint you are spraying. The second two numbers provide the size of the tip oepning in thousands 15 thousandiths in this case.

025 Elastomeric Block Filler. Air Compressor Parts. Make sure that the spray tip you plan on using will be supported by the gun.

The size of the hole in the centre of the Fluid Nozzle directly controls the amount of fluid exiting a Suction or Gravity feed gun. Choose a tip with an orifice size rated for the paint or coating youll be spraying. Light coatings such as lacquers stains and enamels require a small tip while heavier coatings such as texture require larger spray tips.

Most spray gun manufacturers will provide this information in their product overview. Your airbrush came with a 035mm needle or smaller which is quite common and. 134 -506 092 for Special Order tips – These tips require a minimum of 25 tips per order and these tips cannot be Op ti mu Fan Adjus men – These tips allow for fan adjustment when used with a VX24 air cap.

Additional air from the face holes in the Air Cap aid the stability of the spray pattern and help to keep the front of the Air Cap clean. Lets use the LTX515 as an example as it is one of the most common tips for spraying latex paint. 015 019 Heavy Latex.

For a tip with a 015 orifice and a 10-12 fan pattern order 632515. Lastly consider the spray gun that is being used. Most of the air caps are listed with Pressure Operating Range both in BAR and PSI Air Flow LPM and SCFM and Pattern Size MM and Inch and information whether the air cap is conventional HVLP or TRANS-TECH.

For more information on tip sizes please see the tip sizing chart in the Tips Filters category. Choosing the right spray tip is essential for ensuring a quality finish — no matter which coating material is being sprayed. The fourth character first number 5 in this case is used for the fan size.

In this video we answer viewer questions about what spray gun tip or air cap set to use when spraying paint with a High Volume Low Pressure HVLP spray gun. Avoid operating a low-drift spray below 30 psi its pattern will be too narrow and likely its spray quality will be too coarse for good results. However spray tips will wear with normal use.

What you are painting is important to a certain extent but more important is what you are painting with. LTX and tip size – LTXxxx such as LTX517 Orifice size – inches thousandths Fan Size007009011013015017019021023. Fan Width of a spray pattern is measured at 12 from the surface.

This here refers to so-called Air Atomizing spray guns not airless or external air-mix Performance of the Devilbiss Air Caps. The Bottom Paint Store distributes ES Manufacturing Gelcoat Spray Guns. Click on the images or text below to download a high quality pdf version of each chart starting from the top with US 15 spacing then US 20 then US 30 then metric 50 cm.

Flat tips were the original airless paint sprayer tips but many still use and prefer them. 18mm Air Cap Set. The larger the size of the tip hole the faster the material leaves the gun.

The fan size and the orifice size. How to Read the Airless Paint Sprayers Tip Information The tip of your airless paint sprayer will have 3 numbers at the end of the tip like 515 The first number doubled will give you the approximate size of the spray pattern. A 05mm needle size is a great choice if.

Deltron Products LPH SERIES AZ3HV HVLP SPRAY GUN NOZZLE RECOMMENDATIONS LPH400LV LPH100LPH300LV AZ3HV Primers DX1791 Nozzle Size 13 MM 12-14 MM DPX170171 Air Pressure 16 PSI 14 PSI DP LF Air Comsumption 95 CFM 71 CFM Primer Surfacers. What size spray tip do I need. Air Compressor Pressure Switches.

A 313 tip sprays faster than a 411 tip. It is important to match an apropriate tip size to the type of coating being sprayed. The size of spray tips has two components.

134-506-094 Xtra ps T o rde atip epl ce thecro s in 134 5 xx2 w cor- res ing nu mb f o t ha t above. Eastwood When spraying paint with a compressed air spray gun whether gravity feed or siphon feed conventional or High Volume Low Pressure HVLP its important to have the gun set up properly for the job. The ES G830 gun will support a range of 08 20 mm.

009 -013 Oil Based Paint.

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