Corel Photo Paint Clone Tool Not Working

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It does work now. Another thing you should check is the paint mode dropdown.

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Is but I cant see why that should be a problem.

Corel photo paint clone tool not working. If you have changed it away from normal. With the cloning tool you can correct imperfections with Corel Photo-Paint in an image and you do not necessarily have to be an expert in the program to achieve this. I did a few things.

There was a posting some time back about the same issue but it seems to be unresolved. It resets the tool as if you just selected it. If you are working on a file with multiple layers make sure the top most layer is selected.

I would suggest to Hold the F8 key down and launch Corel PHOTO-PAINT once you get a message dialog saying. The Clone tool was used to remove the womans necklace. Hopefully its only a glitch with the workspace.

In addition to the tools the color control area appears in the toolbox. If not try to run a Repair from the control panel addremove programs. Ad Search Photo Paint Corel.

Similarly check the transparency setting. In fact learning to use this resource is very easy and fast as well as versatile. Ad Search Photo Paint Corel.

Zoom in on the area you want to clone over in this case the umbrellas to be more precise with your. I have updated video drivers and mouse drivers to no avail. In the default workspace clicking the flyout arrow on the Clone tool opens the Touch up flyout.

Press F8 key while starting PP and click yes to reset the workspace to Factory Defaults. I also set feather to 25 and also fooled with the transparency value. Well who has not needed or wanted to correct an element in.

Using Clone Tool – Cursor Misalignment Dec 17 2012. One thing that I did was to go to the drop down box on the upper left that is normally called Custom Normal. And not where the clone origin cursor.

Make sure no masks are active. You can also fix imperfections seamlessly by painting with sampled texture that matches the color of the surrounding area. When trying to use the clone tool my initial cursor locations as picked by me appears to be about 200 pixels off.

Open the Brush picker on the property bar choose a clone category and then choose a clone type. Specify the settings you want on the property bar. It is true though that the new origin appears at the position of the clone cursor.

Eg to if darker. If set to fully transparent no cloning will be visible. First launch PaintShop Pro and make sure that the Edit workspace is active.

While using the clone tool hit C. IF thats not good enough for you while using the clone tool hit the space-bar twice the first time it will activate the paintbrush the second time it will return you to the tool you were just using in this case the clone too. Are you sure you want to overwrite the current workspace with the factory default.

The color control area lets you choose colors and fills. The source point brush samples the texture from the source point. It is working now.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. Compatible With MS Office. I had similar issue once.

I fixed it with resetting the workspace for PP. Select the Clone Brush from the Tools toolbar. Open your image in PaintShop Pros Edit workspace Activate the Clone Brush tool on the Tools toolbar on the left or press C on your keyboard.

5272011 Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6. Compatible With MS Office. I Set the box to clone tool.

Clone Blur tools dont seem to work Freddy Programmer 23 Dec 04 1659 We use PhotoPaint 7 and have found that sometimes we have to SAVE a jpg and then re-open it before it will allow a few of the tools to be used. But in my case transparency value alone did not fix it. Or if lighter then clone will only change the destination if the selected circumstance applies.

When I right-click right-click drag works too with the Clone tool active it sets a new origin for cloning. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. If you are working with one single layer – restart Corel and hit the F8 key to reset all.

It can be in any position and it works every time here.

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