Galvalume Vs Painted Metal Roof

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What a consumer will pay for a galvalume roofing system depends on the quality of the material. Also Galvalume costs more than galvanized metal roofing but the fact that a Galvalume metal roof will last up to twice as long as a galvanized roof of the same thickness could make up the difference.

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For example a galvalume section that is 16X3 known as a Classic Rib Steel Roof Panel is 29-gauge steel and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Galvalume vs painted metal roof. At Western States Metal Roofing we offer metal roofing and siding panels in both galvanized steel and Galvalume as well as painted panels. However painted roofs do offer more color variety than Galvalume roofs. Paint does not adhere as well to Galvalume so the aesthetics may not be as good.

Major Costs of Galvalume Roofing. Corrosion is the death of metal roofing as we all know. If the paint is scratched the rust-blocking coating is designed to prevent rust from reaching the steel core.

Most Galvalumelike galvanized steel is coated. But Galvalume has an excellent performance life in bare exposures as well. Galvalume steel comes in various gauges that determine the quality and price.

Both finishes create stunning looks reinforce metals strength and add to its longevity. Although Galvalume metal and Galvanized metal sound alike they have quite a few different characteristics and qualities. Paint finish warranties are key to understanding the expected longevity of a galvanized or galvalume metal roof.

When corrosion is spot-treated to stop its spread and the roof is painted when needed galvanized steel roofing can last 50 years or more. Via ABC Metal Roofing. Galvalume steel sheet can be readily roll formed bent stamped and fabricated.

Kynar Painted Standing Seam Cost – 2 to 4 Per Sq. GalvalumeGalvanized- 1 to 150 Per Sq. Galvalume is a trademarked metal coating introduced to the industry in the early 1970s by Bethlehem Steel which consists of approximately 55 aluminum 434 zinc and 16 silicone.

Hi Terry galvalume is acrylic coated for the roofing industry but is the cheapest compared to painted steel white is the most efficient color for a cool roof system and also has galvalume primer and a paint system. A Galvalume metal roof is durable and can outlast asphalt roofs by years. Manufacturers use one of two different rust-blocking coatings on metal panels galvanized or Galvalume.

To apply the Galvalume coating a metal base substrate is continuously hot-dipped until it reaches the desired thicknessweight. We like using Galvalume substrate for mill finish and if we paint that Galvalume we use top quality Sherwin-Williams Industrial Paint specifically designed. Galvalume and galvanized steel roofing are affected differently by corrosion.

These metals are both actually. Additionally primer and paint adhere better to Galvalume -coated panels and they carry a 20-year limited warranty while galvanized panels do not making them a smarter long-term investment for your customers homes agricultural buildings or commercial properties. Aluminum roofing comes with paint finishes as well and have their own warranties.

Your metal panels will have one of these two coatings applied between the steel core and the paint layer. Siliconized Modified Polyester have you ever seen a metal roof where the paint was flaking off chipping or just fading very badly. Theres a couple of things you need to know to get a proper answer to that question.

Thats the normal length of warranty on Kynar 500 paint finish. Galvalume is offered in both bare and pre-coated versions. 24 Gauge Corrugated Metal Roof Cost.

Download our color guide to see the panels we have available and request a sample of your favorite choices. PVDFKynar 500 – Standard Colors. Why does a metal roof from Buy Metal Roofing Direct last so long.

The one exception is when the coating is penetrated scratched or chipped by falling or blowing debris for example. Mill Finish Galvalume panels with an acrylic coating are also cheaper than Siliconized Polyester or Kynar 500 making it a good option for a lower cost metal roof in areas at least 1 mile or more from salt water. Mid-level price point Historically galvanized was generally the cheaper material when compared to Galvalume.

For these reasons Galvalume metal roofs are much more popular. Kynar Painted Corrugated- 150 to 2 Per Sq. While not as formable as galvanized steel the formability of Galvalume is quite adequate for the majority of construction and manufacturing applications and mainly becomes a factor when attempting to fabricate deep drawn parts or bending on a tight radius.

Specialty Painted Finishes- 250 to 350 Per Sq. The big difference is that aluminum will oxidize chalk if exposed to the elements but the aluminum will not look unsightly and continue on with a rapid oxidation process deterioration rust as steel will. However in the last 20 years the pricing of these two materials has fluctuated back and forth but predictions for November 2019 show galvanized material is about 6 higher in price over Galvalume.

Galvanized steel exposure over time. Painted Metal Roofs vs Unpainted. With a painted roof you can choose a color that matches your home exactly.

With Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 Paint finish or its equivalent you will not have to paint over your steel roof for at least 30 years. It appears that there are many more benefits of Galvalume than galvanized steel painted roofs. Both galvanized steel and Galvalume weigh 100 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet and contain about 35 recycled materials.

24 Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost. Aluminum has tremendous corrosion resistance so it will generally corrode more slowly than galvanized steel. PVDFKynar 500 – Special Order Colors.

Galvalume vs painted metal roofGalvalume and galvanized steel roofing are affected differently by corrosion. The big difference is that aluminum will oxidizechalk if exposed to the elements but the aluminum will not look unsightly and continue on with a rapid oxidation process deteriorationrust as steel will. GalvalumeGalvanized Cost – 150 to 250 Per Sq.

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