How To Frame Soft Pastel Paintings

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Dont tape your boards too tightly togetheryou dont want to press on your picture if you can help it. Close the left board over the top of your artwork and gently tape it closed to the other piece of board.

More And More Artists Are Now Framing Pastels Without Mats I Prefer No Mats For My Paintings I Like The Look Of Mat Less Past Painting Pastel Pastel Painting

Framing can be one of the most costly aspects of our pastel painting careers.

How to frame soft pastel paintings. 1 Use a frame moulding deep enough to support the layers of materials selected. That 18th in. I do get a lot of questions about framing so today I decided to take apart an old painting that I had professionally framed so I could share how it was done.

When framing pastel drawings use archival tape to adhere the piece to the back of a mat mount the pi. Apply a hard pastel to a piece of paper. It can help to tape the glassine paper to the edges of the painting to make sure the glassine paper does not move and smudge the pastel.

If your artwork was painted or drawn using soft pastels the most common form of pastel the artwork can be readily smudged or blended if you touch the surface. Run double-stick tape around the outer edge of the frame back then smooth a piece of paper a few inches larger than the frame over the tape. Unmask art 451 067 views.

Pastel work must be framed under glass. Here is a small daily painting that I put in a wood frame. They require no brushes water or blending mediums and their brilliant colors create beautiful bright works of art.

Finished artwork requires protection either by framing under glass or the use of a fixative spray. And finish it for a clean finished product. If you have used offset clips to frame your work the dust cover is more difficult to apply.

Part of the series. Use a professional resin based artists fixative spray designed for soft pastels. Plexiglas or its equivalent is not appropriate simply because the pigment particles may be attracted by static electricity when the pastel is brought in contact with or set near the surface of the plexiglas.

This is the archival process for framing pastels so they are secure and will last as long as possib. Unframed pastel paintings should be stored flat with sheets of glassine paper over it to protect it from smudges. In this case there is a plastic spacer that is applied to the edge of the glass.

Unfortunately pastels can also be quite messy to use and for this reason many artists shy away. Avoid touching the surface of a pastel this will damage the artwork. How to frame soft pastel paintings.

Well how to frame a work is the eternal problem of pastel. I do know how to frame but Id rather spend my time painting. Framing Option 2.

These works are attracting the attention of the canvas buying public. Framing Your Oil Pastel Painting With Liner Spacing The glass is cut to the frame size. The glass should not touch the pastel.

Play with how you draw it across the paper. 5 soft pastel techniques for beginners duration. Finish with a barrier board behind the painting and fill with an acid free foamcore board.

The frame is analogous to the clothing one wears for a job interview. This is a 6×6 pastel. Frame in the following layers from top to bottom.

Do not use plexiglass or acrylic sheeting as the static electricity will draw pastel dust to itself. Handle a soft pastel pencil and feel its softer consistency. How to frame pastel paintings like a professional framer.

Place your pastel directly on top of the right-side piece of board. I will show you how to frame artwork under glass. It can be used for pastel watercolor or drawings.

Crease each side of the extra paper up at the edge of the frame and run a utility knife along the crease to trim. I usually fold a sheet of glassine around the edges of the pastel paper. Many painters find it superfluous to discuss the frame feeling that the artwork should matter most.

When pulling it across a piece of paper notice how much of its pigments are transferred depending on the pressure you apply to it. But it cant be denied that the framing plays a major part in how the painting will be viewed. It sits between the frame and the liner well above the artwork.

By Niki Hilsabeck in Art Tutorials Painting Tutorials Soft pastels are easy to blend mix and apply and are a great dry medium when you need to work quickly or paint outdoors. How to Frame Pastels. How to frame a pastel is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear during a painting workshop.

Give your artwork a hefty slap on the reverse – Im a big believer in reducing pastel dust by giving your pastel a good slap on the reverse use fixative to reduce the scope for pastel dust Use multiple light sprays rather than a heavy spray and do NOT use hairspray. You can frame pastel paintings without a mat and sometimes this gives the look of an oil painting especially if you buy more expensive anti-reflective or museum glass. 2 Use UV filtering glass.

I sell paintings unframed and ship them packaged in foam core and glassine sandwiches.

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