How To Mount Pastel Paintings

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Double Mount Your Work. I show you how to store and protect your pastel paintings.

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One of the most frequently asked questions is about mounting pastel paperespecially Wallis pastel paperto a support before painting and whether or not this has to be done professionally.

How to mount pastel paintings. I do get a lot of questions about framing so today I decided to take apart an old painting that I had professionally framed so I could share how it was done. Otherwise a good adhesion may not occur. Many painters find it superfluous to discuss the frame feeling that the artwork should matter most.

I sell paintings unframed and ship them packaged in foam core and glassine sandwiches. The frame is analogous to the clothing one wears for a job interview. Hope that it explains.

I know some artists roll them in tubes with great success but after spending many hours on my art I would rather pay extra and post it this way. DIY pastel framing in clear easy to follow. Keep this application as wet as possible until the paper is adhered to the mounting board.

A step by step demo on how to frame a pastel painting using a ready made frame. Then cover with a sheet of glassine larger than the painting but smaller than the board and tape down flat with drafting tape. While delegating the assignment to your local framer is a valid option there is a DIY approach.

Shipping Pastel Paintings Part 1 – Pastel artists have to face the inevitable day when they must package their precious pastel paintings for shipment and place them in the hands of a package carrier for delivery. To ship unframed pastel paintings make a sandwich. You only need three things.

This is the mo. Affix one piece of tape to upper back edge of artwork. Wonderful questions keep coming in to the blog and I hope to answer many in the future.

You could use ready made boards such as Pastelbord and several papers come pre-mounted. Shipping Pastel Paintings Pastel Pointers. You can fold it around the painting like I do or your can carefully tape the painting onto a piece of mount-board and then tape a piece of glassine paper over it.

How to frame pastel paintings artwork and mount mount-board Patreon art channel lots of other videos too – oils a. This is a 6×6 pastel. As a general rule I always prefer to double mount my pastel work as this gives a better presentation to the customer than just handing them the painting showing all the rough edges etc.

Artists who work in pastel and charcoal may spray the art with a fixative. Great if youre on a tight budget. But it cant be denied that the framing plays a major part in how the painting will be viewed.

Use a second piece to attach the first tape to the board. March 27 2019 by Alain Picard in Art Instruction Pastel Materials I cant tell you how many times Ive received questions from artists asking me how to mount sanded pastel paper to board. Shipping Pastel Paintings Part 2 – It is often said that paintings are analogous to.

I do know how to frame but Id rather spend my time painting. The main thing about posting pastel artwork is that for the piece to arrive in the same condition it leaves your studio it should be flat packed. When painting plein air with pastels it is nice to have a rigid painting surface instead of flimsy pastel papers.

The easy way to pack pastel paintings for posting to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Foamboard Glassine Paper and Acid free scrapbook tape. Preferably hang your art on a neutral colored wall.

If there is even the slightest risk of movement ALWAYS cover your paintings with glassine paper. Many artists choose not to do so because the spray darkens the pastel colors and disturbs the texture of the pastel strokes as the droplets splatter the pastel. For a more professional and safe way to store display or send to a customer it s best to mount them on a board.

Shipping pastel paintings pastel pointers. Apply the adhesive liberally to the back of the paper with a brush. I wanted a way to mount my own favorite papers but didnt want to deal with adhesives and sprays.

These are all convenient but can be pricey. There are very specific ways to mount and frame Pastel works of art that better ensure their archival status and longevity. Carefully flip it over and position it on the mounting board applying gentle pressure to the center and then working your way out toward the edges.

How to frame a pastel is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear during a painting workshop. The purpose of having paper mounted is to add stability and to facilitate the use of water-based underpaintings. Another reason for this is that you can compose the subject so that you decide what you wish to show and what you wish to hide.

Alternatively you can store your pastel paintings in a drawer or large flat box. First mount painting by its edges with removable artists tape to an acid free board slightly larger than the piece.

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