Painting Kitchen Cabinets Satin Or Semi Gloss

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However depending on the wear and tear on your existing cabinets satin has less of a glossy finish and will hide any mars or imperfections. For the best paint for kitchen cabinets we recommend the satin finish which provides luster while retaining some ability to hide flaws.

Semi Gloss Or Satin Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Paint Kitchen Cabinets Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

In that case both satin and semi-gloss paint are suitable.

Painting kitchen cabinets satin or semi gloss. Matte does not give a reflection at all. Professional kitchen cabinet painting costs 290 to 1048 per square foot of paintable surface area or 30 to 60 per linear foot when measured the long for paint sheen semigloss gloss or satin are recommended while matte is usually not. Satin paint finishes reflect more light that matt kitchen cabinets do so theyre a good way to have a fairly flat-feeling paint design without making the room feel too drab.

Professional painters like the way the paint smooths itself as it sets and the hard washable furniture-grade finish it provides. However if your house is a bit crowded and the wall surface is touched very often you should go for semi-gloss. Satin offers a bit of a glow without giving the feeling like you are staring into a painted mirror.

Kitchens can get messy easily. We recommend semi-gloss paint for cabinets because of durability. Semi-gloss paint is manufactured with more binders resins responsible for sheen than satin paint in order to deliver the reflection and durability for which its known.

High gloss is an option usually for new cabinets or perfect. Satin paints work well in high traffic rooms and can also be used for trim. Satin should be stain-resistant but semigloss will wipe clean which is great for kids messy husbands and guests.

Anyone who cooks knows how easy it is to get grease stains and sauce splashes up the walls- especially if youre running around. Satin paints are between 25 and 35 gloss and are slightly glossier than eggshell paints which are between 10 to 25 gloss. Kitchen spaces are one of the busiest parts of the home highly frequented by all the residents of the house and therefore having a semi-gloss or satin finish paint means the surface will be easily wiped clean.

Flat paint can develop a bit of a shine when its scrubbed a lotsomething that you may end up doing in your kitchen depending on how much you use it. Kitchen paint should be a semi-gloss finish. Semigloss paint second in shine level only to gloss provides a high level of durability making it a viable choice for door trim and cupboards or even kitchen walls.

Satin paint reflects a small amount of light so it helps to give the kitchen cabinets a slight feel of dimension without making it obvious or going OTT. But for the daily wear and tear wood cabinets withstand you need to protect them. Satin paint hides imperfections in both the wood itself and in the finish.

If you must paint your kitchen cabinets with a brush you should use a low gloss satin paint. The finish gives rooms a somewhat silky feel. Whatever you like.

Since semi-gloss finishes amplify imperfections however cabinets that have not been properly sanded might show imperfections that a satin finish would hide. Both satin and semi-gloss finishes have their pros and cons. Sain gives a slight reflection that is very soft and quite pleasing.

The simple rule of thumb to remember is the higher the gloss the more long-lasting the paint. Chalk paint and matte finishes have their place on wood furniture. Satin paints less-reflective finish however helps to hide your cabinets surface imperfections whereas semigloss paint accentuates them.

Both satin and semi-gloss paints are easy to apply to cabinets when painting a kitchen. I like the satin. Most hybrid enamel paints come in satin and semi-gloss.

To choose the best finish consider the type of room youre painting the durability you desire the pre-existing defects on your walls and the overall look you hope to achieve. Kitchens are another place where semi-gloss paint comes into its own. Satin is not a matte.

Theres also one more tip Barr suggests for applying either paint finish. If you dont want shiny then satin is a lovely option. It will help cover any brushstrokes that may have ended up showing in the final paint job.

Semi-gloss paint stands up to regular cleaning and the higher-quality brands can even withstand scrubbing when stubborn stains become a problem. Unless you enjoy repainting. Durability Factor The higher the gloss the more.

Semi-gloss finishes will also show brushstrokes or drips easier than satin finishes. Advance gives you a choice of finishes including matte satin semi-gloss and high-gloss. Since it is an active place you need to use paint that can be easily wiped down and works well with moisture.

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