Social Security Benefits: How to Report Your Check Missing

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If you receive Social Security Disability Benefits or Retirement Benefits, there are procedures to get a replacement check when your regular monthly check goes missing. Here is what you need to know to get your check replaced as quickly as possible with minimum hassle.

When you receive benefits from Social Security there are two options to receive payment. Social Security will mail you a check for delivery on a certain payment day, or they will deposit your payments into your checking account, savings account, or ETA debit card account. Receiving your check through the mail is the least reliable method and causes people the most trouble.

Social Security sends the checks out the week before they are due so the post office can deliver them on your check day. The post office frequently misroutes or delays the delivery of mail; when this happens your check may not arrive on the intended day. If you are an individual on a fixed budget this can create enormous hardships for you when your rent and other bills come due.

What to do when your Social Security check does not arrive on your check day? Call Social Security at their toll-free number that day to make sure your check was issued. The representative will not be able to issue you a replacement that day; however, they can verify that the check was issued or tell you what the problem is if your check was not issued.

If Social Security is able to verify that your payment was issued you will need to call back on “Non-Receipt Day” for your check payment cycle; this day is typically the Monday after the week you were supposed to receive the check. Social Security will then issue a replacement check which you should receive in 7-10 days. For Social Security’s contact information and to learn more about your benefits, visit the website “Social Security Laid Bare” using the links below.


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