Stainless Steel Vs Granite Composite Sinks

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Stainless steel has been used in kitchen sinks for many years.  The majority of homes will have this type of sink, especially homes built in the last 10 years.  While most of these sinks are pretty standard with one or two bowls in rectangular shapes, stainless steel is also easily molded into any shape one can imagine.  Of course, the more unique the bowl is shaped, the more expensive it will tend to be.  In general, these sinks are the most affordably priced option on the market, and offer a wide variety of looks for your kitchen.

Stainless steel is a somewhat durable metal, which is why it was chosen to be used in this application.  Keep in mind that while it is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof.  Most of these sinks will have a brushed finish, which will help to hide the small scratches that will occur over the lifetime of the sink.  Any larger scratches can usually be buffed out by following the manufacterer’s cleaning instructions.  These sinks do require some maintenance to keep them looking nice, but nothing too extensive. 

Granite composite sinks are the result of recent technological advances in the sink industry.  These sinks are composed of granite or quartz composite and acrylic.  They are incredibly scratch, heat and stain resistant; more so than stainless steel sinks.  These sinks are available in different colors; the most popular being black, brown and white.  They are more expensive than stainless steel sinks, but also offer more benefits. Granite sinks can be manufactured out of environmentally friendly materials, which make it a great choice for green homes.

Both sink types are available in different shapes and styles and for topmount or undermount installations.  Topmount sinks are typically used with non-solid surface countertops such as laminate or formica.  These types of countertops can’t have undermount sinks due to the fact that water would get into the countertop and cause damage.  Undermount sinks are used with solid surface countertops such as granite and marble.  The standard is that topmount installations are far less expensive than undermount installations. 

Choosing a stainless steel sink may be the best option if price matters most. However, the recent advancements in the granite sink industry may make it a better choice in terms of features and durability.


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